Aerospike aer.o.spike [air-oh-spahyk] noun, 1. tip of a rocket that enhances speed and stability.

Aerospike was founded by database and networking industry luminaries who saw a market need for a real-time database that could easily scale without fail. Their goal was ambitious: to build the first data storage and management system with the ability to handle big data at both blazing speed and high scale.

The idea was to create a new type of database that combined best practices in both database and distributed technology. Many experts said it simply couldn’t be done, and now stand corrected.

Today, Aerospike offers the only flash-optimized NoSQL database that delivers predictable high performance with ACID properties for mission-critical, high scale applications. Aerospike’s in-memory and shared-nothing architecture scales linearly, consistently processing over 200k transactions per second per node with sub-millisecond latency. Where other technologies fail, Aerospike works.