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The 2019 edition of Berlin Buzzwords will be the 10th edition! To celebrate this milestone we will be bringing you exciting new content in the buildup to the big event. Berlin Buzzwords Project Manager, Nina Müller, has been speaking to some of the important and interesting people who have been involved with Berlin Buzzwords over the years. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing these conversations to give you some insight into the world of Berlin Buzzwords. Below you can find all of our published conversations and we'll update this page with any new conversations. Enjoy!

For the last interview in the Berlin Buzzwords Conversations with... series Nina spoke to Thomas Bodner. Thomas is a PhD candidate at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut University of Potsdam, a software developer at SAP, and has volunteered at Berlin Buzzwords many times. Thomas gives the volunteer's perspective on Berlin Buzzwords, how it pushes you to interact with the community and how it can enrich your conference experience and network. Enjoy!

For the nineth episode of our conversation series Nina spoke to Berlin Buzzwords co-founder Simon Willnauer.

As well as his involvement in Berlin Buzzwords Simon is also a co-founder of Elastic. He is an Apache Lucene core committer and Apache Software Foundation Member. He has been involved with Apache Lucene since 2006 and has contributed to several other open source projects within and outside the Apache Software Foundation

We are happy to share with you the eighth installment of our conversation series. Late last year Nina spoke with Jan Lehnardt

Jan is one of the co-founders of Berlin Buzzwords as well as the PMC Chair and VP of Apache CouchDB, co-creator of the Hoodie web app framework based on CouchDB as well as the co founder of JSonf EU.

Jan and Nina discussed Berlin Buzzwords history, fostering inclusivity in the tech scene inclusivity, and the importance of people in open source.

Listen below to our conversation with Nick Burch.

Nick is heavily involved in a number of Apache projects, such as Tika, POI and Chemistry, while having the fortune to know many of the people involved in the Apache Big Data and Search space! When not helping out with Apache things, Nick works as the CTO of Quanticate, a CRO, where he tries to make the best use of Open Source technologies to solve the business's problems.

Nick and Nina talked about many things including the Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp. How it allows for discussions on cutting edge and specialist topics, and the democratic nature of the scheduling.

The Conversations with Berlin Buzzwords returned for 2019 with a conversation recorded at the end of last year with Anshum Gupta.

Anshum is an Apache Lucene/Solr committer and PMC member with over 10 years of experience with search and related technologies. Nina and Anshum discussed the organic feel of Berlin Buzzwords, the importance and benefits of collaboration in the open source community, and Anshum gave some advice for first time speakers.

For episode five of our Conversations with Berlin Buzzwords series we are happy to share with you a conversation with Ellen Friedman. Ellen is Principal Technologist with MapR, a speaker and an author, and is currently writing mainly about big data topics. She is a committer for the Apache Drill and Apache Mahout projects. We are also very happy to have Ellen as one of the newest members of our program committee.

In the fourth conversation of our Conversations with Berlin Buzzwords series Nina talks to Uwe Schindler. Uwe is a committer and PMC member of Apache Lucene and Solr. His main focus is on the development of Lucene Java and he has talked about Lucene at various international conferences including the previous Berlin Buzzwords, ApacheCon EU/US, Lucene Revolution, Lucene Eurocon, and various local meetups.

Nina and Uwe discussed all things Lucene and the reasons why Uwe keeps coming back to Berlin Buzzwords. Also listen out for Uwe’s advice for German open source enthusiasts.

In the third conversation in our Conversations with Berlin Buzzwords series Nina chatted with Ted Dunning. Among many other things Ted is the VP of Incubator at Apache Software foundation as well as member of the Board of Directors at Apache and mentor on many recent projects.

Nina and Ted discussed the mood and atmosphere of Berlin Buzzwords and the importance of serendipity. Listen to our third conversation to hear about Ted’s views on the evolving scope of Berlin Buzzwords and much more.

For the second conversation in our Conversations with Berlin Buzzwords series Nina caught up with Grant Ingersoll.
Grant is the CTO and co-founder of Lucidworks, an active member of the Lucene community, and Berlin Buzzwords' first Keynote speaker.

Nina and Grant discussed what Grant has learnt from his involvement with Berlin Buzzwords, what he hopes to see at next years Berlin Buzzwords, and what advice he would give to people starting out in open source.

Our first conversation was with Isabel Drost-Fromm, one of the co-founders of Berlin Buzzwords. Isabel is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation and co-founded Apache Mahout. Nina and Isabel met in Berlin earlier this year to discuss the origins of the conference, its future, and the importunate of open source.