Frank Conrad

I have worked as a chief architect in online advertising for over 15 years, solving large-scale technical challenges. I have a deep understanding of using technology to solve business problems. I co-founded 7d, Wunderloop, which was was acquired by AudienceScience in 2010. Over the years, I have learned my strengths lie in: finding the right technical approach and solution to a problem, diagnosing and troubleshooting large scale production system issues, and guiding, supporting, and teaching teams to solve those problems. At AudienceScience I was responsible for the overall architecture and achieving the scale needed to serve our clients (> 1 million transactions per second, 10’s of billions of records, and multiple petabytes of data). We operated 5 data centers worldwide, mixed with a Dockerized cloud environment to achieve low latency response times for our real-time bidding platform and data management platform. We streamed billions of records to a central processing data center to update data stores and generate customer reports, and together with our India development team, I redesigned the backend storage and processing to yield an order-of-magnitude better performance and efficiency. I enjoyed working with distributed international development teams in the US, India, and Europe, as I guided and taught them how to solve their goals. I regularly traveled between offices to improve communication and relationships, and served as a resource and systems expert for the entire engineering team and my colleagues. As a German engineer, I am passionate about learning new things, and always look to understand the cutting edge to see if and where it fits into the current system. I am looking for my next interesting challenge, and am open to new problem domains outside online advertising, so please reach out through this profile!